I ordered cupcakes for my daughter's graduation party and Manon was so helpful and wonderful to work with. The cupcakes were a huge hit, even with some of our guests who wouldn't usually eat cupcakes. The ratio of icing to cake was perfect and they were delicious, not to mention beautiful. 

                        L. Payne

I absolutely LOVED the cake. I tried not to cry when I saw it because I’d just gotten my makeup done. Everyone said it was beautiful! It was JUST RIGHT! Not too sweet.  Thank you for being so patient and helpful. The cake was definitely was more beautiful than what I imagined from the pictures I sent you that inspired me.  You truly have a gift!

T. Highsmith

My daughter and I were in the Savory Spice Shop one day when you were there and tried a cupcake and we took a picture of your business card. It's been awhile, but we liked that your cupcakes tasted good, had high quality ingredients and weren't just wafers holding tons of Crisco frosting. The flavor, ingredients and perfect amount of frosting made you memorable.

                        L. Kimbro

"Cupcake alert! Our neighbor makes delicious all natural cupcakes perfect for any occasion. I tried the strawberry cupcakes yesterday and they were the best I've ever had. She uses all fresh and nature based ingredients including fresh strawberries in the frosting. I also tried the chocolate mocha, dark chocolate raspberry, pineapple coconut cream and carrot pineapple....yum! She does not use too much frosting like some of the other cupcake shops plus no artificial ingredients. Check out her website and menu and contact her if interested."

                       T. Boat

Manon was amazing!! Not only was her cake delicious, but it was absolutely beautiful! I really didn't have a clear view on what I wanted our wedding cake to look like, but Manon worked with me, offered different examples and was able to help craft the perfect wedding cake for us! I think the hardest part about working with Manon is having to pick from her incredible fresh flavors! All of the cakes we tasted during our tasting were phenomenal! And what made that even easier, was her recommendation of doing each layer a different one of her decadent flavors. I have already referred one friend to Manon in the two months since my wedding and I am sure that I will refer her countless more!!

                     K. Cashwell

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These AMAZING cupcakes made by Manon were literally the smoothest and most delicious cupcakes we've ever had. We cut them in 1/2 so we could try each one.....they were all wonderful. We can't pick out a favorite! !! Thank you Manon!♡♡♡                  C. Gardner

I ordered two dozen cupcakes from Cupcakes d'Amour to be delivered to our office. Unfortunately I was out of the office on the day we had our dessert break. However, I got some texts from some of my co-workers about how good they were. Luckily, someone put a cupcake aside for me. It was so good. I wish I had another. We will be ordering from Manon again, and hope you do too.                    M. Masi-Phelan 

"We treated our daughter to the world's best cupcakes for her 12th birthday. These gourmet goodies came from Cupcakes d'Amour, a new bakery business established by a French speaking Canadian who can do just about anything with unbelievable excellence because she pours her whole heart into everything she does. The energy, love, talent and genius she puts into her passion for baking surpasses them all. Spoil someone you love with a gift from Cupcakes d'Amour! I'm glad I did."

                         S. Callery

"We had so much fun tasting the different flavors! They were all delicious and different. They weren't full of air. One cupcake was very filling. My favorite was the chocolate with the mocha butter cream frosting! Wish I could eat one everyday. Thanks, Manon!"

                     K. Simmers

We love to hear from my customers!  All our customers are so important to us, please send your feedback anytime via my Contact Page. Below are some wonderful words from such kind people! Thanks to all our customers who mentioned "Cupcakes d'Amour" to friends and family, wrote comments and posted pictures.  I love you!  Manon  

 "Oh my goodness, the BEST Cake and cupcakes around town!! Manon Villeneuve from Cupcake d'Amour did a fantastic job with so many compliments. Go to her FB page and take a look. Her prices are amazing too. Hugs to you Manon!!"

                   L. Pelton

Comments about graduation cupcakes: "The gluten free cupcakes were delightful. The girls kept talking about the cream cheese frosting. I want to be the first to say I'm hiring you to do cupcakes for each of my girls graduations. Sign us up for 2 more graduations! Thank you again for the precious cupcakes!" 

                      B. Pedder

"Everyone went crazy over them. They also couldn't believe how beautiful they were and how perfect the carrots looked. Totally impressed!!! Thank you!"

                    A. Stancil

"We ordered Manon Villeneuve's cupcakes for graduation dinner and they were so popular that the graduation cake sat undisturbed. My personal favorite--dark chocolate-- it is not too sweet with loads of flavor."

                             C. Davis

For the record, I am a total foodie & a complete cupcake snob. I’ve had cupcakes around the world. These are the BEST CUPCAKES, EVER! The recipes produce a perfect texture, the flavors are brilliantly crafted, the icing is divine, & they are beautifully decorated. I was told by my non-desert loving husband to never buy any other cupcakes.

                       K. Volandt

We hired Cupcakes d'Amour for our wedding back in May. We had around 100 attendees and purchased 4 different flavors. Our guests RAVED about the cupcakes and they snapped them up so fast that we almost didn't get any! Manon also made us a very small cake for the cake cutting ceremony which worked out nicely. Manon uses natural ingredients and her flavors are amazing. I wasn't very concerned about the decor for our cake table other than the topper and the cutter, so Manon brought in some beautiful table decor to dress things up. It was a relief for me to not have to do anything else and have the table look beautiful! Manon did a tasting for us before we decided on flavors and was a breeze to work with throughout the entire process!

               J. Scotton

Just ate my first dark chocolate cupcake with raspberry liquor from Cupcakes d'Amour. Oh my gosh! Pure heaven, so no guilt. A mouthful of scrumptious handmade with love!

                  K. Smart

From day one of speaking with Manon, I knew she was the one to create my wedding cake. She worked with us, she listened and suggested. Her personality and character to Brian and I made us feel as family. She puts so much feeling and hard work into making sure our vision came to life. Our cake was so beautiful and better than I could of ever imagined.    M. Steva

If you have not tried her cupcakes I highly recommend you stop what you are doing and go get them! They are absolutely amazing and beyond delicious. You can truly tell she has a passion for what she is doing.

                     E. Melina

Delicious, moist cupcakes with deep flavors topped with luxurious frosting. An exquisite cupcake at a reasonable price.

                    S. Finnerty

I had a great experience with Cupcakes d'Amour for my wedding! Manon was so pleasant to work with. She is responsive, ensures everything is in order for day-of, and bakes delicious desserts! She is able to accommodate for gluten allergies; I have celiac disease, and I had the best cake and cupcakes from this business with no issues! She was able to make my Pinterest dreams a reality; I was very impressed! Thank you for helping to make our wedding day amazing!

                 R. Roberson

I just want to get back with you. I ordered the dozen strawberry icing gf cupcakes last week. That was, without a doubt, the best GF thing I've tasted in 10 years. Amazing! We loved it. I will call you again....

                       P. Rinehart 

"Wonderful, beautiful, super tasty, and all natural. Highly recommend Cupcakes d'Amour and will order again! Love to support a local small business!!"

                 A. Kenny

I'm super excited to share that we had a giraffe shaped as #1 for my son's 1st bady. The cake seemed a little challenging to make but Manon did a great job. It was a salted caramel chocolate cake. It wasn't too sweet like most cakes and it looked like a real giraffe. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect cake for the perfect occasion.   A.Gupta

Manon did an amazing job on our wedding cake! When we went in for the tasting, I brought 2 of my friends from my bridal party, and she was very accommodating and listened to what I wanted. When we had our cake cutting, I literally stopped and said, "Wow, this is REALLY good!" and we ended up feeding each other an entire piece in front of the reception instead of just a bite, lol! Many of our guests raved about the cake, and the buttercream was amazing. We intended to freeze the top layer but we (and by we I mean me) ate the entire thing the week after. We chose chocolate layers and lemon layers with raspberries between, with buttercream frosting. I would definitely recommend Cupcakes d'Amour!

                     J. Phillips

"Enjoyed these delicious home made cupcakes by Manon Villeneuve. FB friends you have to check out her website www.cupcakesdamour.com and check out her FB page! They are out of this world!"        

                      H. Pasca

"I recently got a dozen cupcakes for my Mom's 60th birthday and they were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! Everyone loved them and my Grandmother was even asking for the recipe!! Manon is amazing and the cupcakes were perfect!! I will definitely be ordering again." 

                     L. Gilbert

I have tried a LOT of gluten-free baked goods; nothing has been as good as the gluten-free chocolate cupcakes by Cupcakes d'Amour - I love the matcha green tea frosting! And my family loved the chocolate-raspberry regular cupcakes. Thank you Manon!

                      M. Stahl

Best cupcake I've ever had. Not too sweet, perfect size, creamy!!! Definitely for any and every occasion, or just because. Manon, you are a true master! Thank you, merci, danke!

                     S. Colling

Had some of these amazing cupcakes today at a corporate lunch in Durham - holy cow they were fantastic - fresh, moist, just the perfect amount of icing. We enjoyed the carrot, mocha, samoa (I may have had 3), and strawberry? 50 cupcakes for 30 people and somehow none were left. lol. That's delicious food math.                    K. Bischoff

Manon made some gluten free cupcakes for me which were absolutely delicious! They reminded me of a pound cake in texture and rich taste. Definitely the best gluten free baked dessert I have eaten since starting a G-F diet almost a year ago!             

                         H. Moses