GF Chocolate topped with minty buttercream frosting

Reese cup topped with peanut butter frosting

Vanilla/ Fresh strawberry buttercream frosting

Chocolate topped with chocolate ganache infused with raspberry liquor ($45 per dozen)

Lemon poppy seeds/Lemon buttercream frosting

Vanilla topped with cream cheese frosting

Sweet potato topped with marshmallow frosting/pecans

Fresh lemon topped with fresh blueberry frosting

French toast/Real maple syrup frosting and bacon

Chocolate topped with minty buttercream frosting


Chocolate raspberry filling topped with chocolate ganache ($45 per dozen)

Vanilla or chocolate topped with Matcha frosting

Vanilla cake topped with whipped chocolate cream cheese frosting

French toast/Real maple syrup frosting  

Pumpkin pecan topped with maple cream cheese frosting

Menu for cakes & cupcakes

Dates and pecans topped with homemade syrup

and coconut

Chocolate topped with cherry frosting $45/dozen

Cupcakes stand rental

Vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting and homemade fondant

Carrot/pineapple topped with creamcheese ginger


Pecan tarts and lemon tea cakes

Standard size cupcakes $33 per dozen/$2.75 each -- Gluten free $45 per dozen /$3.75 each

Standard size cupcakes with liquor and/or filling $45 per dozen/$3.75 each

Standard size matcha, cherry and cupcakes $3.75 each/$45 per dozen

Also offer: Strawberry/banana bread, pumpkin bread and blueberry-bran muffins 

Cupcakes stand rental:  $10 each 

Fondant: additional charge (might contains artifical food coloring)

Baking cups with color and design: additional charge

Chocolate topped with Mocha buttercream frosting

Chocolate/Salted caramel and roasted coconut

Cupcakes d'Amour   +1.9196023538

Lemon cake topped with Lemon buttercream frosting

Cinnamon roll topped with cinnamon frosting

Pineapple topped with coconut cream cheese frosting