Pineapple topped with coconut cream cheese frosting

Cinnamon roll topped with cinnamon frosting

Carrot/pineapple topped with creamcheese ginger


Pumpkin pecan topped with maple cream cheese frosting

GF Chocolate topped with peanut better frosting

Reese cup topped with peanut butter frosting

Fresh lemon topped with fresh blueberry frosting

Cupcakes d'Amour   +1.9196023538

Standard size cupcakes $33 per dozen/$2.75 each -- Gluten free $45 per dozen /$3.75 each

Standard size cupcakes with liquor and/or filling $45 per dozen/$3.75 each

Standard size matcha, cherry and cupcakes $3.75 each/$45 per dozen

Also offer: Strawberry/banana bread, pumpkin bread and blueberry-bran muffins 

Cupcakes stand rental:  $10 each 

Fondant: additional charge (might contains artifical food coloring)

Baking cups with color and design: additional charge

Lemon poppy seeds/Lemon buttercream frosting

Chocolate topped with Mocha buttercream frosting

Vanilla cake topped with whipped chocolate cream cheese frosting

Chocolate raspberry filling topped with chocolate ganache ($45 per dozen)

Sweet potato topped with marshmallow frosting/pecans

Chocolate/Salted caramel and roasted coconut

French toast/Real maple syrup frosting  


French toast/Real maple syrup frosting and bacon

Lemon cake topped with Lemon buttercream frosting

GF Chocolate topped with minty buttercream frosting

Menu for cakes & cupcakes

Dates and pecans topped with homemade syrup

and coconut

Vanilla or chocolate topped with Matcha frosting

Pecan tarts and lemon tea cakes

Chocolate topped with cherry frosting $45/dozen

Cupcakes stand rental

Vanilla topped with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate topped with chocolate ganache infused with raspberry liquor ($45 per dozen)

Chocolate topped with minty buttercream frosting

Vanilla/ Fresh strawberry buttercream frosting

Vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting and homemade fondant