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Stress Free Deliveries! Cupcakes d'Amour delivered wedding cakes in a "CakeSafe". The CakeSafe is a transportation system for moving cakes, large and small. Your cake will protected from rain, wind, heat, anything airborne like dust or pollen, any sudden or unexpected movements, bumpy rides, and sudden stops. Rest to assure, not to worry that your cake will melt, shift, fall, or be damaged in any way. Really!


Cupcakes d ' Amour

Homemade cakes and cupcakes in Raleigh areas. Fresh fruits and Real butter... no Crisco! We do not use any artificial sweeteners. We also offer gluten free cakes and cupcakes.

For cakes, we are fully booked Sept 30-Oct 3, Oct 14-17, Oct 21-24, Nov 4-7, Nov 11-14.  For cupcakes, daily flavors usually available.